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2nd Period 11th Grade

2nd Period Government

3rd Period 9th Grade

3rd Period AP Government

5th Period 10th Grade

5th Period World History I

7th Period Government

A+ Computer Repair and Upgrade

Algebraic Functions


Business Management DE

DE Art Appreciation

DE Biology

DE Chem

DE College Algebra Period 1

DE College Algebra Period 3

DE Pre-Calculus Period 2

DE Pre-Calculus Period 4

Drivers Education

Earth Science

Electronics I

Engineering Analysis and Applications II

Engineering Exploration I

Engineering Exploration I

English 10 HONORS - Period 6

English 10 HONORS   Period 4

English 10 - Period 3

English 10 - Period 7

English 11 DE

English 11 DE

English 11 Period 1

English 11 - Period 5

English 12

English 12

English 12

English 12

English 12 DE

English 9

English 9 Honors

General Chem


High School Chorus

High School Social Studies


High School Studio Art

Las Vacas

Las Vacas

Life Science

Los Caballos

Los Pollitos

Monsieur Vlaming's classes

Mrs. Lazar's Social Studies Page

Mrs. Norris' Website

Mrs. Steele's Business Page

Mrs. Zwerner

MTH 241 & 242 - Statistics I & II

PHY 201 & 202 - DE General College Physics I & II

Principles of             Technology II

Principles of              Technology I


Sample Page

Sample Page

Scholastic Bowl

Senior Class

Senior Class

Senior Class

Senior Class

Senior Class

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish III

Spanish III


Teachers for Tomorrow

Technology Transfer & Assessment

Technology              Foundations

US History 1st period

West Point Bands

World Geography Period 2

World History I (4th Period)

World History I (4th Period)